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Wallpaper with Flair

Dull walls got you down in the dumps? Don't despair. Our decorative wallpaper services will give them new life. Nothing makes your walls come alive like our options for decorative wallpaper. It's the smart, elegant choice to add a touch of personality to any room. We're the wallpaper professionals who know how to do it. Here at Off The Wall Fine Finishes we're a team of dedicated experts with experience in design and decorative detailing. Our hardworking staff has the skills and knowledge to make your home makeover dreams come true: all you need is your imagination.

Why Choose Decorative Wallpaper?

In today's market, home renovation is a huge expense. Remodeling is too expensive for most folks. Luckily, there's a great solution.

Our decorative wallpaper is sleek and stylish, ornate and elegant. Coming in a great range of patterns, colors, and textures, it can give you the picture-perfect look you've always wanted. Many homeowners have come to depend on our services because they know we can get them the stellar results they want. After all, decorative wallpaper looks great, and it gives you freedom of choice. At a fraction of the price of remodeling, it's also cost-efficient.

Decorative Wallpaper Tailored to You

You're more than a pattern in a wallpaper sample book—you're a unique personality. Which means you probably have many decorating ideas. When it comes to your home, you don't want to be limited. Off The Wall Fine Finishes understands. We love working with clients to design unique and interesting walls. Our experience gives us the keen eye to give you the precise style you're looking for. Some popular choices include:

  • Faux finish
  • Accent walls
  • Patterned wallpaper
  • ...and more

Whatever you have in mind, we'll work closely with you to achieve your goal. When we're done, you won't believe the transformation. You'll want to decorate every room in your house!

The Magic of Faux Finish

Faux-finish wallpaperis one of our more popular services. It's a great way to achieve the look of lavish textures and materials without the expense. There's no costly materials to buy, and no installation necessary. You'll be thrilled with the many options. If your bathroom needs a touch of elegance, try faux marble wallpaper. There's also faux wood to give your kitchen that rustic flavor. The best part is, it's all just a simple layer of paper. That means you can change your mind or re-decorate any time you want. You too can have the walls of your dreams with a faux finish.

Decorative Wallpaper

Quality and Integrity

As professional contractors, we take wallpaper seriously. Decorative wallpaper is not only a service, it's an art; it requires a keen eye, a steady hand, and a true heart. That's why we treat each home as if it was our own. Our commitment to integrity means we only use the best quality products, tools, and materials. It just wouldn't be right otherwise. When you hire Off The Wall Fine Finishes, you're getting quality services you can trust. If you're ready to give your walls the makeover they deserve, contact us. We're always happy to talk to clients, answer questions, and go over ideas.

When it comes to great walls, we've got you covered. Get the best decorative wallpaper around with Off The Wall Fine Finishes.