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The time has come to remove your old wallpaper. There are many reasons to make the change. Maybe your teen daughter no longer loves the ballerina print in her bedroom. Maybe your kitchen needs a modern look. Whatever the case, don't make the mistake of pasting over your existing wallpaper. This causes damage to your walls and is difficult to remove; it's also unsightly. We can prevent that mistake. Off The Wall Fine Finishes will remove all traces of your old wallpaper to put up something new, fresh, and exciting.

Why Remove Wallpaper?

Anyone you ask will agree that cracked, peeling, or faded wallpaper looks messy. Plus, old-fashioned wallpaper isn't desirable to buyers, and lowers the resale value of your home. Nothing dates a house more than old wallpaper. A print from the 1950's or 1980's just doesn't fit in a modern household.

Removing your old wallpaper gives you many options to:

  • Prime and repair surfaces
  • Apply modern wallpaper
  • Apply faux finish for a textured look

Whatever you choose, you must first make sure that your old wallpaper is properly removed.

Your Wallpaper Removal Professionals

You may think removing wallpaper is easy, but that's not always true. Different types of wallpaper need different approaches. Damage, age, and faulty applications can also make the process difficult. If you don't know what you're doing, you could damage your walls and make everything look worse. To make your walls look their best, you need a team of professionals to do it right: that's Off The Wall Fine Finishes.

We're a skilled team of workers with experience, know-how, and strong work ethic. We're highly trained in all aspects of wallpaper removal. We'll use our special process to remove your wallpaper safely and correctly.

How We Do It

Using a special multi-step process, we'll remove your old wallpaper and prep your walls for new wallpaper.

  • First, we apply a special primer to get the walls ready for wallpaper removal.
  • Next, we gently lift the old wallpaper off using special tools, and closely examine the wall for damage and residue.
  • We carefully wash and clean your walls to remove any traces of dirt, glue, or old wallpaper.
  • Then we repair and sand your walls to get them looking brand-new. This makes the new application easy and efficient.
  • The last step is to apply primer. After that, we can also help you select and install brand-new wallpaper.

We have experience with many types of wallpapers. We know how to remove everything from fabric to vinyl coating, including vintage and modern wallpaper. We're also experienced in removing difficult and improperly applied wallpaper. We'll make the process simple and efficient and clean up afterwards.

Don't let your home become a time capsule. Get rid of that old wallpaper and start fresh with Off The Wall Fine Finishes.