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Frequently Asked Questions

What Goes into Creating a Wallpaper Estimate?

After you've told us about your wallpaper needs, and we've seen the property, we'll work on an estimate. We will assess the number of hours a task will likely take and multiply our labor cost by this amount. We then add the cost for required materials. The sum becomes the total estimate.

What Makes Some Wallpapers More Expensive Than Others?

Different wallpapers can cost different amounts to produce Some require a thicker ply, while others include more ornate detail. High-quality wallpapers are usually more expensive, but they require less upkeep and are often more durable, meaning they pay off in the long run.

How Much Do Wallpaper Companies Charge?

Rates are generally determined by an hourly labor rate plus the cost for materials. The total cost will vary depending on the size and scope of the project.

How Do I Get an Estimate?

You can arrange to book an estimate either online or by calling our customer service representative. A consultant will ask some basic preliminary questions, and you'll then have the option of booking a walk-through appointment. The walk-through appointment is generally more thorough, and you'll be able to ask in-depth questions and explain your needs.

Do You Offer Any Environmentally Friendly Options?

Yes. We're happy and proud to offer environmentally friendly options for our wall finishing services. We strive to be eco-friendly in our use of materials, and always try to recycle leftover products and materials. Many of our finishes are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and are made of recycled materials. Feel free to ask us to learn more.

How Do I Prepare for Your Visit?

We'll do most of the work, but it's a good idea to clean the project area so it will be free of any dust or dirt. We also recommend removing any ornaments, wall hangings, or other obstructions. It's not mandatory, but most folks choose to leave during the process, since it can get a bit messy.

Are You Insured and Licensed?

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed.