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At Off The Wall Fine Finishes, Our wallpaper contractor understand that wallpaper & wall-coverings are back in a big way. Wallpaper ads a fresh & dramatic change to your Interior and protects and increases its value as well. Updating your interior has never been easier and the wallpaper today is exciting and beautiful! Off The Wall Finishes is here for all your fine wall-covering needs. Off The Wall Fine Finishes has you covered.

Wall-paper Removal & Installation

Great care must be taken when installing wall-covering in a residence. The process begins with the preparation of the wall or surface. This usually entails the careful removal of old wallpaper covering material, then repairing surface defects to restore the wall finish.

Next the surface is primed, sealed or “prep coated”. Finally, the new wallpaper is installed and sealed to complete the process and create a seamless new wall-covering for your Interior finishes.

Take your interior design to the next level! Off The Wall Fine Finishes will provide the wallpaper contractor to get the job done right. Contact the pro’s at Off The Wall Fine Finishes.