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Interior Painter

Color & Finish Matching/Fine Interior Finishes:

Interior Fine Finishes are our specialty. Our Interior Finishes are second to none in the professional painting industry. We pride our-selves for knowing our products and producing the perfect solution to match your existing Color and finishes. Off The Wall Fine Finishes uses only the highest quality products on the market.

Fine Faux Finishes

Fine Faux Finishes

Off The Wall Fine Finishes are experts in the field of Fine Faux Finishes. Faux Finishers typically utilize techniques using glazes applied with sponges, rags, and brushes to create soft movement in the painted surface and wood-graining and marbleizing to accomplish these unique rich finishes we have created working with interior designers and architects.

Professional Decorative Painter

Professional Decorative Painter

While working with many affluent home owners in the area the demand for knowledgeable fine-art painting for Interior or Exterior Decorative finishes has increased. We are experts when it comes to the Finest Decorative Finishes for your home or commercial property.

Fine Decorative Finishes are our specialty! Many of our clients request Custom Interior and Exterior Decorative Finishes to make their living and commercial space unique and interesting. When it comes to Design Work you can count on Off The Wall Fine Finishes to come up with a solution! Please visit our gallery!

Telluride Wallpaper

Denver Wallpaper

From traditional and classic or bold and graphic, wallpaper is back in a big way! The Wallpaper trends for 2018 are impressive and fascinating… with so many wonderful wallpaper choices for every room from woodland forests and beautiful birch tree designs to luxury metallic. Wallpaper is the perfect solution to turn luxury into perfection.

Wall Painting: Why It Matters

If your walls could talk, they might say “paint me”. A beautiful home is nothing without beautifully painted walls. They’re the very foundation of your decor scheme. Chipped paint, ugly wallpaper, or the wrong colors can really bring down the quality of your house. But the right paint job can improve it in many ways, including:

  • Upping the resale value of your home
  • Making your house look cleaner
  • Giving you new ways to decorate
  • Improving your mood

That’s right. Studies have shown that pleasing wall colors lead to positive mood changes. You look at your walls every day. Don’t you deserve to have stunning walls? Don’t settle for less. Give your home the beautiful paint job it deserves. Off The Wall Fine Finishes will bring your place from drab to delightful.

Best House Painting Services

Interior wall painting is the most effective way to make your home look great. It’s like an instant facelift for your walls. It’s also a cost-saving alternative to remodelling or refurnishing. With the right paint job, your home will look brand-new at a fraction of the cost. Off The Wall Fine Finishes is a team of professional painters that can make your home or business look its very best. And we’ll do it all at prices you can afford. Call us to book a consultation or to get an estimate on the cost to paint your house.

Interior Painters for You

Whether it’s your kitchen, office, or nursery that needs painting, we’ll follow your vision. We use only high-quality paints and have a range of colors and finishes to choose from. Classic or trendy; soft or bold– you can pick something that’s just right for you. Let your imagination run wild. Using our special skills and years of experience, we’ll work with you to bring your dreams to life. We’ll listen to you, give feedback, and offer suggestions. When we’re finished, you’ll have beautiful walls to admire for years.

Professional Work by Professional Painters

We take the mess and hassle out of painting your house. When you hire us, there’s no need to buy expensive supplies or watch confusing DIY videos. We use only the best tools and supplies, and as trained professionals, we know exactly what we’re doing.

Off The Wall Fine Finishes’s dedication and professional work sets us apart from other painting companies. Don’t waste your time with amateur house painters. Hire a company that stands behind their work and puts dedication into everything. As professional painting contractors, our number one priority is giving you quality service that you deserve. We make the process simple. All you need to do is call!

Don’t let dingy walls bring you down. Off The Wall Fine Finishes can make them beautiful. Let us give them the treatment they deserve. We’ll use our skills and talent to make your walls come to life. Once we’re done, you won’t believe your eyes.